5 Food pairings for Rum that everyone will love

An interesting theme, which has been taking effect in recent times, has been the pairing of meals with rum-based cocktails. The extraordinary versatility of sugarcane distillate allows the olfactory and gustatory relationships between mixtures and dishes on the menu of a meal, from the starters, through the main dishes to the desserts, to achieve a gastronomic experience of high levels of customer/guest satisfaction.

This great drink goes with everything, but there are certain dishes that accentuate its great flavor:

  • Cheese

Cheese is one of the best companies for red wine, but also for a good glass of rum. Although Rums like Ron Roble Extra Añejo have a velvety appearance, it can be paired with blue cheese; At first glance it seems that there is no adequate relationship with the pairing, however, the dry side of the rum subtly neutralizes the fatness of the cheese.

It is recommended that the rum be served alone, at room temperature or accompanied by country bread known as French bread and also with a glass of fresh water.

  • Chicken

Not only is it good because its flavors combine perfectly, but also because stewing the chicken with a splash of our Rum will make your recipe suitable for the most delicate palates.

Sticky spicy Korean Fried Chicken, with its umami flavors, also adds all the tanginess to bolster your rum pairing.

  • Chocolate

If you are the type that likes to drink your rum after eating, take the opportunity to combine a glass of our Premium Rum with a good ounce of pure dark chocolate. Experts guarantee that it is the best way to intensify the bitterness and sweetness of both and to enjoy an explosion of flavors in your mouth.

High quality sipping rums are a great pairing for dark chocolate bars and brownies but think of them too with desserts or cakes with dried fruits such as raisins (an extra shot with some rum and raisin ice cream would be delicious or try rum instead of sherry with the Christmas cake).

  • Red Meat

If it’s made up into a cocktail ranging from a simple serve such as Cuba Libre to an Old Fashioned, think beef. Cuba Libre is classic with a burger or, again, American-style barbecue. Dark rum loves brisket.

One of the most exquisite meats is grilled lamb, a dish that really surprises and everyone likes for its flavor, texture and smoothness. This peculiar pink meat can be accompanied with a garnish of potatoes, lettuce and roasted tomatoes.

A classic Mojito is excellent to achieve a perfect pairing, its acidity contrasts with the fatty component of this dish, this combination is ideal for hot days, since the freshness of this drink together with the mint and lemon, cleanse the palate preparing you for the next bite.

  • Pineapple

The healthy rice bowl traditionally consists of fresh raw produce, but add a few slices of smoky flame-grilled pineapple wedges and you have the perfect rum companion. (via Drinksfeed)

Start your pairing by choosing the best Rum. Go to Nomentu.com to check our premium Ron Roble Extra Añejo and Ron Roble Ultra Añejo. Because there is nothing like drinking great and eating delicious food.