Designation of origin: The Best of the best

If you have a refined palate (and if you are here It’s because you do), you may have heard the term Designation of Origin, but what exactly does it mean?

Let’s start with the technical explanation and we’ll get to the fun part later. According to the Uncommon Flavors of Europe website, a P.D.O “is the result of a unique combination of human and environmental factors characteristic of a certain geographical area.”

In other words, a product with a Designation of Origin refers to a quality seal that assumes the name of a specific region, town or place that has been administratively recognized to create certain items that meet a series of conditions.

Its producers are committed to being superior in its transformation, manufacturing, and packaging, based fundamentally on its geographical location and maintaining traditional manufacturing methods.


So read our article on why the rum we have in Nomentu comes from Venezuela to understand why Ron Roble Viejo is categorized as a P.D.O. If you are too busy to read, don’t worry, we’ll give you a hint: these rums must have been aged for at least two years in American white oak barrels and the raw materials cannot be mixed with non-Venezuelan alcohol, talk about quality!

The fundamental advantage of this qualification is to guarantee you an unmatched product of constant quality that no other, even if it seems identical, can imitate.

But not all products will have this qualification, this does not mean they are not as good P.D.O  you just have to be curious enough to research before you buy and you will be surprised with great  products and amazing stories on their origins.

At Nomentu we carefully choose products for you to ensure that everything you receive at home is authentic and unique, and these brands can continue to support their community so that they continue to grow.

What do you feel like having right now? A nap in a super cozy Hammock from Tintorero, Venezuela? Or perhaps just sip some nice and refreshing mineral Boxed Water from Gormaz, SpainJust click and give yourself a treat, you won’t regret it.