Ask anyone where the best whisky in the world is from, and the first place that comes to mind is Scotland. No wonder, this country is well-known for being the king of whisky, but there’s a new generation of English whisky distillers that are giving the northernmost country a fight for the throne.

England is not the most popular when it comes to whisky.

Distillers operated in London, Liverpool and Bristol, until the late 19th century, after which production of English single malt whisky ceased until 2003. It wasn’t until that year that English whisky’s rebirth came about.

For well over a decade now, St George’s and Hicks & Healey have been distilling this alcoholic beverage, but they are the outliers, the pioneers. Now, with 20-plus distilleries making whisky from Yorkshire to the Isle of Wight, a new breed is starting to blend tradition and innovation to resurrect the English whisky.

However, amazingly, England now has more distilleries than Scotland, according to HMRC, with 166 distilleries.

Now, we hope you want to give English whisky a try!, let us recommend you our favorite, and where to find it:

The English Whisky Company

Considered the master of malt, this Norfolk distiller won the Gold Medal at the 2017 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. The English Whisky Company are keeping the entire process of maturing all of their casks and bottle all of their whisky on site, ensuring the very highest quality in all of their products.

According to Countrylife, English whisky can differentiate itself from Scotch and find its own identity, with many styles already available. Experimentation is rife and distillers are bringing the same sort of intellectual madness to English whisky as brewers did to revitalising the UK’s burgeoning beer scene. Given time, English whisky could well be the next big thing.

It’s time to try something that’s produced a little closer to home.

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