We continue to add brands to our platform that bring premium products made by producers who put their hearts and passion in the entire production process. They take care of the origin of their raw material like our new addition: Franceschi Chocolates. A chocolate that is made with Venezuelan cocoa. It is important to note that the product that comes to us to be sold in the U.K. is made in Peru but maintains its Venezuelan essence since its main raw material is Venezuelan cocoa beans.


We are the sixth generation of a family that has constantly evolved, driven by curiosity. As entrepreneurs, we started the adventure of manufacturing single origin dark chocolates, which gather the flavors and scents of different terroirs, to deliver joy in each of our bars.

We innovate and discover new roads, and never stop when facing hardships, as we adapt and learn from them. We respect our legacy, which is the root of our inception.

Franceschi Chocolate is true happiness.


Our chocolates are the result of a careful process, born of the best varieties of cocoa in the world, the product of decades of sophisticated genetic work and ancestral knowledge of its cultivation. Each selected fruit is produced in our own farms to provide the best flavors, with optimal balances of bitterness and minimal astringency.


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2.- Dark chocolate is beneficial for your cardiovascular health

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Where to buy chocolate in the U.K?,  How can I buy Chocolate online?

Nomentu has available two presentations:

  1. Franceschi, Single Origin Dark Chocolate 70% cocoa (Sur del Lago)

  2. Franceschi, Single Origin Dark Chocolate 60% cocoa (Carenero)

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