Mezcal and Tequila are not very different: they both originate from Mexico where they have taken advantage of the agave (a cactus).

The main difference is in the raw material: tequila is produced only from the weber agave or better known as blue agave, while mezcal can be prepared with 12 different species, the most common being the agave espadín.

Blue Agave: It is just for tequila production

Agave Espadin: It is used for mezcal production. It is the most cultivated specie since it easily adapts to various climatic conditions.

Another  difference, is the way to drink them.

Although they are served in the same small shot glass, Mezcal is never drunk all at once and is usually accompanied with orange slices and maguey worm salt. Mezcal should be tasted and drunk slowly.

Mezcal-loving purists recommend not mixing it with anything… you can resort to a slice of orange and worm salt for example, or pair the mezcal with ingredients such as dark chocolate as it will perfectly complement the tasting.

Nothing like mezcal to alleviate an illness. Thanks to its properties this traditional drink is considered the most perfect alcohol for consumption because its distillation process and purity.

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