Mezcal: Mexico’s latest wonder

What’s the first word that pops into your head when you hear the Word mezcal?

Tequila? Spirit? Mexico? Many know the answer by heart, but some others have not heard of the exquisite spirit that is becoming more popular within the minute across the world.

So, what is mezcal?

It is a spirit that is made from agave, a plant that grows in 9 different areas of Mexico…

Therefore, Tequila is made from blue agave so mezcal must be a type of tequila, right? – Wrong!

Many confuse both spirits, and yes, they come from the same sort of plant, but not really. All tequila’s are mezcals, but not all mezcals are tequilas!!

Tequila is made specifically from blue agave, which grows in 5 particular areas of the Central American country, whilst mezcals come from many different types of agave, being Espadin one of the most well-known ones.

After a delicate and artisanal distillation process that includes cooking the agave in earthen pits with lava rocks, woods and charcoal, the mezcal is kept in oak barrels so it can age properly – getting young, reposado, and anejado mezcals according to the time they spend in them.

Mezcal reflects Mexican culture, its processing started once the conquistadores arrived in Mexico and taught Mexicans how to get it from the agave plant.

It symbolizes Mexican heritage because it’s an exclusively Mexican produce.

Lately, its popularity has risen in Europe and America since its smoky flavour is a bit softer to the palate than a tequila shot – making it the ladies’ favourite, btw!

It can also be paired with orange, lemon, salt and a little bit of water to clear the taste buds in between takes as recommended by Mezcal Yuliia.

So, have you tried it already? If not, you know what they say ‘para todo mal, mezcal. Y para todo bien, también’. (Google translate! ;))


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