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Candle Holder


Danish handmade candlestick holder. Create a cosy ambience and scandinavian touch to your home with this beautiful piece. Designed and made by Ditte Fischer
  • This is a danish handmade product.

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The production of Danish ceramics date back several hundred years. The Nordic country has constantly evolved its clay-based art and design techniques to pioneer distinctive works of ceramics. An example of this is Ditte Fischer Copenhagen a Danish brand of design and finest Danish craft. The simple design, matt unglazed surfaces and base colors black, grey and white are always the core elements of their collection

All products from Ditte Fischer Copenhagen are handmade at our workshop in Copenhagen. Things are molded in porcelain and processed by hand according to old craftsmanship. We burn the porcelain up to 1260 degrees, and after the last burning, every single thing is watered by hand to get the characteristic soft surface that makes it so nice to hold things. Cups, bowls, jugs, vases and candlesticks are glazed inside – the boat bowls are without glaze both outside and inside.


Ditte Fischer

Product Description:

Brand: Ditte Fischer Copenhagen

Designed and Made in: Denmark

Size: Height: 3.5 cm

Material: Porcelain

Surface: Glazed

Colour: Black


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