Franceschi, Single Origin Dark Chocolate 60% cocoa

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Franceschi, Single Origin Dark Chocolate 60% cocoa


  • Chocolate made with Trinitario cocoa from barlovento, a region in the central coast of Venezuela.
  • 100% Venezuelan Cacao
  • It has a colonial descent that is reflected in its strong flavours and fruit aromas for a balanced taste and high persistence in the mouth
  • Did you know that dark chocolate is beneficial for your cardiovascular health (click here to learn more about it)
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A taste of a Great Story begins with a journey; a long journey begun by a young man, Vicente Franceschi Vicentelli, who in  1828, with barely 18 years of age, arrived in Venezuela from Corsica, France, and settled in Carúpano, a remote place on the north-eastern coast, where he would soon begin to forge cacao. By 1830 near Carúpano, in the population of El Pilar, he founded Hacienda San José, currently considered as one of the largest cacao plantations in Venezuela.

Five generations later, in the early 1990´s, the franceshi Family, committed to the passion of cacao history and conservation, began an intense research work that resulted in the discovery of cacao varieties that were almost extinct, and rescued them at the hacienda San josé, which today is home to the best criollo cacaos of the world – known for their unparalleled purity and quality.

In 2013, the sixth generation of the Franceschi Family take an important step moving beyond cacao, and create FRANCESCHI CHOCOLATE, which has been dedicated to create the best chocolate that would achieve the correct perception if the distinctive personalities of each of the cacao varieties they cultivate.


Product Description:

  • Brand: Franceschi chocolate
  • Its a Venezuelan Brand, with cocoa from Venezuela, but this chocolate came from  Peru.
  • Ingredients: Cocoa Butter, sugar, emulsifier sunflower lecithin.
  • Chocolate Contains: Cocoa Solids 70% minimun

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