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Placemats (Set of 2)


A Venezuelan handmade set made perfectly for your table. Great for indoors or outdoors use.
  • This product is design and creation by artisans of Tintotero, a small community in Venezuela.

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This handmade placemats comes from a town located 20 minutes from Barquisimeto (Venezuela) a  little colorful town called Tintorero. Its community is made up by artisans who have inherited and passed on the tradition of weaving and fabric dye since the beginnings of the XX century. Here, not only will you find beautiful and colorful hammocks, blankets, place mats and rugs, but also other typical crafts and delicious regional food. All sold in the colonial streets of Tintorero.
It is important to note that the main economic activity of Tintorero is crafts, in which looms stand out, although it is not the only one, since there are also those who handle wood and clay, but often the predominant one is cloth.

Tintorero, Its name is due to the fact that this community is made up of dyers and weavers. In the different stores that can be seen you can buy: hammocks, mats, tablecloths, placemats, centerpieces or any fabric you want, of very good quality and at great prices.

Help this community, Buying these products helps the community to continue growing.


Small community of artisans in Barquisimeto, Venezuela that lives by making these greats products.

Product Description:

Handmade, crocheted, Set of 2 placemats, Fringed sides. This is the perfect choice if you want a quality, great value for money hammock.
  • Size: 46 X 28 cm
  • Colour: White, burgundi, blue, sparkle brown (As show in picture).
  • Aprox Hung: 2.9 mtrs


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