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Rum Roble Viejo Ultra Añejo 70cl


  • Why this product is part of Nomentu ? because it is a premium Aged Golden Rum,  made in Venezuela from 100% sugar cane molasses.
  • Aged 12 years – single vintage – without replenishment of losses
  • 5 column still distilled
  • Did you know that the cork is 100% natural? This is why it could sometimes break. It normally happens when the cork interacts with Caribbean region´s high temperatures, bottling and shipping process. But no worries as the unique taste of this premium rum femains intact. One suggestion is to open the bottle by first a bit of pressure on the black cap of the cork (to let some air to pass into) and then slowly pull it back out without twisting it

Serving suggestions: Excellent neat or on the rocks. It is also a great backbone for ultra-premium cocktails

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A family business with 20 years of operations dedicated to the production of premium rum in small batches. From a small village in Ocumare del Tuy, in the central region of Venezuela, its facilities are dedicated to the distillation and storage of premium Venezuelan rum.
The story of Ron Roble Viejo® begins with the dream of 4 friends who came together to create the best Rum in the world. This group of rebels started a quest for the perfect formula, committed to the development of a Venezuelan Rum that would become a standard of reference all over the world. We prioritize quality over quantity, patiently demonstrating that nothing substitutes the lengthy and constant care of our reserves. We only produce limited editions that are bottled only when matured enough to become exceptional products.

The Maestro:

Giorgio Melis, Master Rum Blender with a recognized career and more than 50 years of experience is responsible for the nuances and attributed that identify Ron Roble Viejo®

It all starts with exceptional sugar cane from the Yaracuy State in Central Venezuela

Product Description:

Brand: Ron Roble Viejo Ultra Añejo®

A Single Vintage Limited Edition Rum, Aged for 12 Years under the traditional method. Each edition is tailored exclusively of casks of the same vintage that previously aged Bourbon and Pedro Ximenez, carefully selected by the “Maestro Ronero”.

  • Combines smoothness and body, regaling a complex and interesting palate
  • It has been recognized and awarded in Europe and North America
  • Aged in ex-Bourbon oak and ex-Pedro Ximenez (Sherry) cask

Bottle: 0.70 liters/ 700 milliliters / 70 CL
Alcohol: 40 ° GL / 40% Alc. Volume

Intense amber, bright and clear. Density that can be appreciated by its long and abundant “legs” that move slowly down the glass.

Notes of Molasses, red fruits, aromas of citrus peel, cocoa powder, coffee, toffee and fresh almonds.

Gentle beginning, slightly sweet and oaky, with notes of red fruits, followed by subtle notes of brazil nuts, orange peel and prunes. Discreet minerality with a strong but smooth body that evolves into an intense, round and persistent ending.

A premium limited edition Venezuelan Rum, defined by its distinctive structure and character. Exceptional by itself or with a cube of ice. Ron Roble Viejo Ultra Añejo®  for sharing on special moments.


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