Yuliia Mezcal 2 x 25 ml Tasting Pack

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Yuliia Mezcal 2 x 25 ml Tasting Pack


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  • Why is this product part of Nomentu? Because it is an Espadin Agave fully handcrafted in Oaxaca, Mexico. The bottle designed by indigenous communities in Guerrero.
  • You can enjoy 2 flavours of mezcal (of your preference) for only £12 – this way you get to taste 2 varieties of our product and later on decide on your favourite ones. 

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6 in stock

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YULIIA was born in response to the demand of handcraft products with an artisanal level.

Passion for such made in origin spirits brought this Mezcal branch line. The goal is to offer a little bit of Mexico in one bottle,
mixing art and flavours in a new product line. The idea is to guide your senses into the unique and exotic world of Mezcal.

YULIIA is mezcal with agave ESPADÍN, which is sown and takes a very controlled process. It is the most common agave, although it needs to grow during 9 years for it to be ready

YULIIA carries the craft classification for the type of elaboration that dates from mexican ancestors. To obtain Yuliia the maguey is cooked in underground ovens, heated by wood with stone mills. Fermentation takes place in aluminium pots and distillation in copper stills. Then, it rests in glass to preserve its natural mezcal flavour

Yuliia Mezcal

Product Description:

Brand: Yuliia Mezcal

Made in: Mexico

  • 100% Espadin Agave fully handcrafted process, smoky and smooth on the palate.
  • Artesanal Mezcal Joven (Young).
  • To obtain our handmade mezcal the maguey is cooked in ovens underground heated by wood
  • To be sipped slow and savoured. Preferably serve with slides of Orange, grapefruit or guava.

Bottle: 25 ml

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