These are the food and drink TV shows you can´t miss

Courtesy of Netflix Chefs Table

Courtesy of Netflix

Not all of us has the ability to cook, but we do have the pleasure of enjoying a good plate of food or a nice red wine. And while right now it is not the time to go out to restaurants and bars, we can still enjoy streaming some documentaries that remind us of the good eating experience.

In the series that we are about to recommend you, there is one element in common, and that is the passion for culinary art.

Lives of renowned experts who respect traditions and origins in the kitchen, putting high ingredients that remote communities have used for centuries in their regions and provide a touch of authenticity in what they bring to their mouth.



Courtesy of National Geographic

National Geographic embarked on a new adventure with the incomparable chef Gordon Ramsay, but this time, he has the mission of immersing himself in the culture of the destinations he visits, learning tricks and preparation techniques from the locals in the area.

In the first episode, he heads to Peru’s Sacred Valley to learn high altitude cooking,  challenging his palate  by testing a worm for the first time, and amazed by the resourcefulness of the Peruvians who regularly eat the insect to survive in such a remote area.

Available on Disney + / National Geographic.


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If you’re a wine and documentary fan, you may have heard of Somm, a 2013 release about four sommeliers as they struggle for the title of Master Sommelier.

Three years later the 10-episode series entitled “Somm: Into the bottle” emerged which according to Eater: “is much more explicitly about wine and its wonders. It seeks to render these men retroactively heal by showcasing the manifold wonders of wine. ”

The seventh episode tells the story of Elio Altare, and how revolutionized Barolo by aging the wine in smaller French oak barrels rather than large one, a technique he picked up in Burgundy. The risk came with sacrifices: his father hardly spoke to his son after that change.

Available on Amazon Prime.


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Netflix’s Flavorful Origins plunges into the appetizing world of cuisine in the Chaoshan region, one of the most historic areas in China.

If you want to visually delight yourself with videos of exquisitely prepared food, get ready for this show that incorporates the diversity of regions with juicy food elements, in 15 minutes episodes filled with mouth-watering takes.

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Salt Fat Acid Heat serves as an essential guide for the 4 basic elements of good cooking.

The series, which consists of only 4 episodes, shows Samin Nosrat, chef and gastronomic writer with years of experience cooking, writing and teaching while touring different countries explaining how salt, fat, acid and heat work to add flavor to a plate, and how they affect the final result.

Available on Netflix


Courtesy of Netflix

You’ve probably come across this one! Some of the most renowned chefs in the world share their deeply personal stories and unique styles.

In each episode, the viewer is in the front row to see from inside the lives and professional careers of these great culinary talents, all of them with very inspiring stories.

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