Venezuelan Rum is making its way among  top spirits

Sweet, smooth and velvety to the palate…

Those are only 3 of the gazillion reasons as to why rum lovers are growing by the second.

If you’re at a beach bar, club, or even at home you’ll perhaps find a perfect partner in a ‘Cuba libre’ to enjoy the moment, start the party or relax after a hectic day.

Lately, Rum constitutes a  personal favourite for many. A phenomenon that has been consistently building up since the last couple decades due to multiple factors – one of them being its perfect blending capability, wouldn’t you agree?.

An article on Town&Country magazine shares that a recent Nielsen data report indicates the ‘ultra-premium rum category shows approximately 10% growth’. This isn’t a coincidence considering Kenneth McCoy from Manhattan’s Rum House – and basically the entire population of Venezuela – feel Rum is the next big spirit after whiskey.

According to The Morning Advertiser ‘CGA’s commercial director, Graeme London, estimates golden rum volume will rise by 33% by 2020, and by then the categories’ yearly  value is forecasted to grow by nearly £800m.

Venezuelan rums in particular have become a preferred choice in Europe which is why they can now be found pretty much everywhere in the continent. Countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland and the U.K – to name a few – have their stock of Venezuelan rum at hand in their local bars and clubs.

But, why is Venezuelan rum so revered? Because the favourable climate and richness of its lands produce an extraordinary sugar cane from which molasses with a greater concentration of fermentable sugars are extracted.

Some of Venezuelan rum brands like the award winning Ron Roble Viejo are registered as ‘Ron de Venezuela’ Controlled Designation of Origin (CDO). CDO rums require to have aged for at least two years in american white oak barrels and raw materials can’t be mixed with non-Venezuelan alcohol.

This makes the ‘rones’ de Venezuela,  absolutely delicious and  one of a kind.

Many rum lovers consider rum an elixir and choose to have it on its own when it comes to savouring ultra-premium rums to the fullest. Its quality equals and at time surpasses luxury whiskey brands, and for that reason mixing it with cola is not an option.

For some, the time of ‘Cuba libre’ has long passed. Nonetheless, the time for sharing with friends and enjoying a premium brand of rum with exquisite chocolates and flavoursome cigars, is only starting.

We invite you to discover Roble Viejo, one of Venezuela’s finest rums.

Become part of our rum lover’s world, today!


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